Online S3 Roadmap for EDP implementation: overview of the workflow

The Enterprenurial Discovery process is an interactive bottom-up process to determine promising sectors for investment and future competitiveness. The process is inclusive, and it is driven by market dynamics and the views of stakeholders in the region. During the EDP, different entrepreneurial actors are brought together in a government-led participatory process to jointly identify fields with smart specialization potential and define possible activities for preparing their progressive development.

The EDP workflow provided here contains applications and guides to conduct the EDP process. It is divided into three sections; Knowledge Production, Stakeholder Engagement and Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Decision Making.


Knowledge Production

Task 1


National or Regional Authority

Action 1.1

Analyze the regional context in which the EDP takes place in order to identify possible areas of Smart Specialisation. The data collected with this excercise shall be used to support the identification of key stakeholders and shared with those attending the EDP Focus groups to stimulate the debate and enable participatory decision making.

Supporting applications

App 2.1 Regional Assets Mapping
A comprehensive and up-to-date mapping of the key regional assets.
App 2.5
Production of 'scientific profiles' for regions based on Web of Science (WoS) data, Scopus and Google Scholar data.
Regional Scientific production profile
App 2.6
Technological and economic indexes for understanding the position of regional activities in global value chains.
Specialisation indexes

Stakeholder Engagement

Task 2


National or Regional Authority

Action 2.1

Action 2.2

Contact the key stakeholders to establish their willingness to participate in the Enterprenurial Discovery Process

Supporting applications

App 1.1
Allows RIS3 managers and facilitators to create visually attractive infographic material on RIS3.
Vision Sharing

Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Decision Making

Task 3


National or Regional Authority
Civil Society

Action 3.1

Action 3.2

Open an online consultation to share the results of the EDP Focus Groups and acquire feedback from any stakeholders representing Industry, Government, Research and Civil Society who were not attending the face-to-face meetings

Supporting applications

App 1.2
Engage with your stakeholders in the RIS3 process on an online ideation forum.
Debate at a glance