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– It is not possible to select all regions, e.g. Croatian regions are missing. Should be checked: does the app draw on all Eurostat data that it promises to draw on?
– Many variables are missing from the dashboard, e.g. Innovation intensity in manufacturing sector, by sector of technology, Product and process innovative enterprises by NACE Rev. 2 activity and size class. It would be helpful if users could choose variables they would like to include into their analysis from the dashboard itself, rather than pick from a pre-defined existing variety of variables. At present, there are not many variables that can be chosen from in the dashboard. This list should at least be expanded, but a better option would be to let the users chose their own variables from the Eurostat’s database.
– Some categories in the header do not correspond to the actual choice of variables that one can analyse with this app. For example:
o Geography: under this category one can choose between air and maritime transport. However, users may want to analyse a much wider variety of data, such as that available at
o Sectoral structure: the name of this category should be brought in line with Eurostat, on which they are called “business demographic variables”. Similar categories are presented in the “Business characteristics” category, so these two categories should be merged.
– The Eurostat codes of the variables used should be stated clearly and visibly on the website, so that users know which variables they are analysing. That is the case with the app 6.2 (Definition of app and results indicators), but unfortunately not here.
– Category Demography and society – choice of variables looks OK
– Economy and Labour – sometimes it is not clear which variables exactly the app draws on and in which units they are measured. Both of these things should clearly and visibly be stated on the website. For example:
o Employment (15-64) – Empl_15-64: which concept of measurement does this variable use, is it a) resident persons in employment, or b) employment in resident production units (see It should also be specified clearly, before one has done an analysis, whether the variable is measured in thousands or in percentage. Both of these things should be clearly underlined and stressed on the website. At the moment (19/9/17), a description of the variable is nowhere to be found, whereas the units of measurement are only visible in the results table
o GDP – is it a nominal or a real GDP, and how exactly is it measured?
o Gross value added – it is nowhere stated in which units it is measured.
– Business characteristics – a category very similar to the “Sectoral structure” category, as it covers business demographic variables. It should hence be merged with “Sectoral structure” category.
– Category “Innovation system” – more variables should be added, such as the ones mentioned above.

– The interface of the app is too simple, and when the result includes many variables, you have to scroll to see all numbers, which is impractical.
– At the moment (11/9/17), the app is seriously flawed: the visualisations (bar charts and line graphs) do not correspond to the data listed in the table when more than one variable is selected. A couple of cases have been tested and flaws detected, especially when filtering by region. Furthermore, the scales on the charts are also strangely defined, and the aesthetics are too basic.

– Due to a number of aforementioned issues the app is currently not very helpful for the users compared to existing statistical platforms (Eurostat, etc.)