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 The data feeding the application is based on a web scraping of the MERIL (Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape) database (also funded funded under Horizon 2020). The database provides access to information about openly accessible research infrastructures in Europe, across all scientific domains. The database contains only those research infrastructures that are of more than national relevance. The MERIL project team is constantly renewing and complementing the database information by working with a network of 60 contacts in EU MS that help to compile and verify this information. Some MS are not covered at all, hence information gathering is a constant work in progress. The data used to develop the application is a web scraping from Spring 2017 and is hence already outdated and incomplete.
 The MERIL portal team is currently developing a set of reporting tools, visualisations, maps, and advanced search options. The official deliverable is to be submitted by end of September. The implementation is expected to be concluded by October 2017. While it does not fit well with Online S3 timeline, we do not have sufficient justification to continue work on sophisticating a separate application that duplicates MERIL portal functions (in development), is based on partial information and does not have a dedicated team behind that checks the information entered by the public.

 The geographical placement of RIs on the map shows frequent errors.
 The public entries of RIs should not be enabled as Online S3 consortium does not have means for verifying this information. It can result only in the display of incoherent and incorrect information.

 The current tool provides some insight in RI landscape in Europe, but is based on partial information and this information gap will only continue to grow with time. The application should be replaced by clear online guidance on how to use the MERIL platform tools for RIS3 purposes. Moreover, we should avoid clear duplication of effort with another project funded by Horizon 2020.