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– The application requires the user to upload data gained via another application (2.1. Regional assets mapping). Instead, what would make sense is the ability for the user to choose their data directly from the databases, just like in the case of 2.1 Regional Assets Mapping. The functionalities of the two applications could be merged via a common dashboard. In addition to this, it would also be good to keep the option for users to upload/enter their own data.

– In the top right corner the description wrongly says “Online S3 Platform – Analysis of context – 2.4 Regional Assets Mapping” where it should read “Benchmarking”.
– In the application it is not at all obvious how to set a reference region: this information should be added there too, not only in the guide.
– Visually, the application should include the labelling of data, e.g. units should be displayed. In the descriptive statistics section, it would also be good to obtain information on the meaning of an indicator/function by hovering over them with the cursor. The box plot option does not work at all. In the Kernel diagram, sometimes numbers/descriptions don’t fit in the cells

– Could be useful if steps become automated and the app is integrated with 2.1 Regional Assets Mapping.

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