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– The application requires data downloaded from Scopus. This service is not accessible for the general public, it is mostly subscribed to by institutions. Apart from academia and specialised analysts, no other stakeholder group is likely to be able to use it. This alone renders the relevance and necessity of this application highly questionable.
– Improvements could be made by including freely and widely accessible scientific production databases, such as PubMed for the biomedical field. It must be considered however that there seems to be no online scientific database that is cross-disciplinary and freely available. From a practical point of view, Google Scholar could be useful but unfortunately the service has no API and as such, the database cannot be crawled and scraped easily.

– Could not test.

– Only for those with access to Scopus (which essentially means academics or specialised consultants among RIS3 stakeholders). It is not clear why these specialist users would chose to carry out the analysis via the platform unless it can be combined with the output of analysis apps and methods.