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– A link needs to be provided to the data sources used with this app. The data sources are not properly specified by the online guide (, e.g. it says that technological specialisation data are from “REGPAT”, but there is no link provided to the source. The aforementioned online guide further says: “A new database which includes the sectors of the patents per region has been created, which was a rather complex and difficult task.”, but it is not clear what is meant by it. In addition, in figure 5 (p. 8) it says that some data are provided by PatStat, but it is not clear which data.
– The interface lacks easily accessible methodological notes
– Technological specialisation: for the presented pie chart it is not clear what the units of data for calculating the percentages are. Only the mentioned online guide says it is the number of patents.
– Economic specialisation:
o Why are the headers not divided based on ISIC rev. 4 or NACE rev. 2? Eurostat uses NACE (same as ISIC, just more detailed, see, whereas here SITC was used (see p. 11 here: This should be corrected to bring it in line with other applications, that use ISIC/NACE (as e.g. Regional Assets Mapping app 2.1 does)
o Please specify the formula that shows how RCA (“Revealed Comparative Advantage” – full name of the index should be specified somewhere on the website!) is calculated. It was probably not correctly specified in the guidelines (, p.12, that this index was “Revealed Competitive Advantage”; but the formula is anyway missing.

– Why are Australian regions among those you can chose from in the drop-down menu of the app?
– Functionality on Scientific Specialisation Index should be automatically fed by the data from the app 2.5 instead of users having to manually upload that data.

– Due to a number of aforementioned issues the app is currently not helpful to the users