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– This app does not offer much added value for users. For a SWOT analysis regions have to consider their strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats they face. The first two are internal to the region, the latter two are external. If this was a real app, it would use results from the other regional analysis/profiling/benchmarking tools to suggest to users where their region’s SWOTs lie.
– In its current form, this app would be better labelled as an online guidance material. However, even for that it would have to be rethought in order to become more RIS3 specific. Real examples from regions could be helpful to display. Some added value could be drawn from displaying relevant guiding questions organised into stakeholder categories: separate sets of questions for industry, for civil society, for academia, for government. This would help them formulate better/more relevant points, and allow them to also think with regard to other stakeholders’ possible viewpoints.

– Given the limited functionality, it works.

– Not useful – the function could be carried out in any simple text editing software and it is not clear what value added this app providers.