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Dear all, thank you for all the above comments. Based on them we have made the following changes:
• We have changed the “About” page context, based on the input we have received from ECCI.
• We have checked again the list of NUTS2 regions and included the missing ones.
• “Sectoral structure” has been renamed into “Structural business statistics”.
• “Business characteristics” has been renamed into “Business demographics”, but not merged, because they refer to different datasets according to Eurostat.
• “Innovation system” all the above-mentioned variables, that could be included in this category, refer to national level. In case you have access to similar data but at a regional (NUTS2) level please send them to us to include them on the list.
• The link you have provided regarding additional data for the “Geography” category does not redirect to any data files (xls or csv). The page contains shapefiles (shp) used for GIS mapping and also other type of files. We can include only data on a csv or xls format available at a NUTS2 level in the application. In case you have any other additional excel files that could be included in this category, please send it to us.
• A full list of variables has been added in the application, including the description of variables, their units of measure and their Eurostat codes.
• Table format: Given the fact that there is a finite space on the screen we have chosen the table dimensions. In case you have seen something similar, but much more elegant and practical to another application, please send us a screenshot to see if it is possible to change the existing format.
• Bugs on visualisations: Please send us some screenshots based on the problems you have detected, so we can define the issues and debug the app.