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I am unable to access the link to the survey form so I can see whether the revised survey template is improved as Mona suggests in her previous post. We link to four survey platforms but not to the European Commission’s platform – which might be most appropriate (neutral, free, etc.)

Overall, this ‘app’ offers guidance, in which case both the guidance document and the survey form need to be qualitatively improved and probably offer modular questions that a user can select from to construct a survey adapted to their needs.

For the survey, we do need to also think of language issues, there is zero chance of say Spanish or Greek or Slovak regions getting a high response rate to a survey in English – so even if we had a perfect online tool that users could use to run surveys it would need to be multi-lingual.

Overall, I would recommend to integrate this survey tool (after improving content) into a guidance section of the platform.

Alasdair Reid