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*Please see the attached document for comments with screenshots*

– In order to add priorities, it would be clearer if instead of ’Subject’ the text read ’Name of priority area’ and the ’Comment’ text would be changed to ’Description’. This would distinguish these boxes from the comment boxes.
– Once a priority is set up, there should be a possibility to edit or delete the name and/or description
– For initial suggestions, a subject field can be useful, however, for replying to comments, a subject field is unnecessary. It would also be good to be able to collapse and open threads organized under subjects.
– When voting, after clicking up/down a couple of times on different comments, sometimes more votes were added/taken. For example, a comment standing on 0 would go to 2 votes after pressing ’up’ once. Also, as a single user, sometimes I was able to vote more than once on the same comment.
– The ‘sort by’ feature should look more like a button, so it is clear that it can be adjusted.
– It would be nice to add some design elements to better separate the different comments from each other. At the moment it is not entirely clear which ‘reply’ and ‘delete’ button belongs to which comment.

A new tool with integrated functionalities could be designed based on 3.1 Collaborative vision building and 1.2 Stakeholder engagement. In essence, 1.2 Stakeholder engagement is an online forum, where users can discuss RIS3 priorities. The interface allows for the creation of new priorities (which are the equivalent of a topic on common online forums) and users can add their comments, reply to other users’ comments, and upvote/downvote them.
3.1 Collaborative vision building has the same idea at its core: propose suggestions for a vision statement, schedule an online chat to discuss it with stakeholders in a chatroom, then finalize based on comments. The chat (proposed to be hosted on an external website), however, is fairly similar to elaborating on views in a comment thread. In this app the steps are very structured, and it can be limiting to use a different app each time for engaging with stakeholders.

What would be useful is a new tool with the following integrated functionalities:
– Propose and discuss RIS3 priorities (topics)
– Search among topics
– Have a pre-set, dedicated topic for vision building to discuss vision statement
– Within topics, possibility to elaborate on views/thoughts by adding comments and replying to other users’ comments
– Upvoting/downvoting comments and replies
– Possibility to close a topic and create a final document from the discussion
– Possibility to set deadline for topic closure, so that users know how long they have to add their comments
– Possibility to upload documents in discussion threads

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