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Essentially, this app lets public authorities share information with stakeholders on focus groups with regard to their time and place, and final outcome. Stakeholders can view the outcomes from any region. The app also lets public bodies set up events, although they need to create an event also in Eventbrite (an external tool) for stakeholders to be able to sign up. It is not clear however, how the app can help letting stakeholders know about these events, or if stakeholders are notified about new final outcome uploads. In this regard, the added value of the app compared to 1.2 and 3.1 is difficult to pin down. Notably, the difference between the idea for this tool and other online forums where communication between stakeholders can be facilitated, is not as straight-forward. Instead of creating many specialized tools, it might be easier/more comfortable for users to get acquainted with one tool, but with broader functionalities, and allow them to use it as it fits their processes.

What could be useful is a new tool with the following integrated functionalities:
– Propose and discuss RIS3 priorities (topics)
– Search among topics
– Have a pre-set, dedicated topic for vision building to discuss vision statement
– Within topics, possibility to elaborate on views/thoughts by adding comments and replying to other users’ comments
– Upvoting/downvoting comments and replies
– Possibility to close a topic and create a final document from the discussion
– Possibility to set deadline for topic closure, so that users know how long they have to add their comments
– Possibility to upload documents in discussion threads