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– The data is not available for every region/province.
– Will have to work with filter.
– Relevant for policy makers / academia.
– It is important that the indicators corresponds with the standard EC requirements for the measurement of the innovation – EU2020 indicators, RIS (
1. When clicking on the app, you land on the ‘about’-page and not on the actual application. There’s a button at the top that leads you to the app, but it doesn’t really stand out. Could be made clearer.
2. The ‘about’ page is very technical: it uses methodological explanations and technical terminology, something not all stakeholders will be familiar with. Also, the text is too long. Both these things will probably set stakeholders off experimenting with the apps. It can be made a lot more attractive by shortening the text and using intermediaries. The lay-out can be made more attractive too. Are there communication experts involved?
1. Related to the above, regarding the ‘about’ page: it is too long and would be better to clearly include, in one or two sentences, what the app is actually useful for.
2. The platform draws information through Eurostat only. This means not all information and statistics are present: on some regions there’s no information at all or there are huge gaps. This will lead to stakeholders choosing their own or other databases over this one.
1. For our better orientation which apps are ready for use, the button “use the app” could have had different color as button “available soon” – already done 
2. The button “use the app” should give you the direct access to the application use not to the about page
3. When on about page, the button “access to application” is colored in yellow which we do understand the purpose behind it, but it looks like that you are on “access to application” page while you’re still on about page
4. “About” page: The logical steps of the application may be a little bit confusing as it gives an impression that the application will also analyse the data given by the application (the word “explanation” in the Step 4. Description and explanation of results.
5. Guide is clear, self-explained and understandable
6. Overall app is easy to use and can quickly provide requested data in a good format
7. Just one quick comment with regards to the application itself – when grouping by variable, more variables can only by chosen from one category… – but that’s might be a question for analysts if that’s comparison is needed (to compare in one chart e.g. demographic and geographic indicators
• The guide makes the application seem harder than it is. One idea is to change the format: background information, steps + requirements (people can be confused because the background info concerns other steps than the description of the application).
• When you click on ‘access to application’ in the header, you have to register again – your log in information is already filled in but you have to log in again. Weirdly, this doesn’t happen when you click the blue button ‘access to application’ on the right side of the screen.
• If more than 3 years selected, the system only displays the figures for the first 3 years.
• The “download”, “show graph” and “insert to report” icons are overlapping the line containing data. See figure 1.
• “My report” function: not possible to delete variable once they have been inserted in the report.