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• The cluster mapping is not that customer friendly, after experimenting with the app the user will lose access to the data.
• As a solution, it this app might take the form of a portal or a platform to collect, save and share the data extracted from these three external tools.
– Useful to have more general cluster indicators such as economic growth (generated turnover growth, profitability), financial viability (liquidity ratio growth, solvency ratio growth), employment growth (average growth rate of employment in cluster firms), entrepreneurialism (share of firms in the cluster aged less than … years)
– Could be useful for business (clusters themselves) and academia (members of the clusters), and policy-makers
– Much data is still missing
– Overlap with regional assets map
– Incubators are missing from the app, and need to be included
– Quality of the data is at times lacking (f.e. number of employees in certain sectors seems not always to be correct). Data itself is for certain categories also incomplete
– Useful to add more indicators for more information (see f.e. above)
– EC seems to already have an application on this topic  European Cluster Mapping Tool
– The links in the Cluster Observatory Scoreboard are not always the right ones
– The button to turn data into a graph is not working
• The app provides just links to two already developed tools – one is private run by CSC in Stockholm (otherwise really nice, user friendly and helpful tool, but outdated – the latest data are from 2011), the other links you to the DG Grow => would be nice if our app provides some added value – e.g. to merge this two apps into one?
• The guide is easy to understand
• Cluster observatory:
o The provided data have no explanation of the unit (e.g. do we talk about percentage by some cases, or about the scale (3 out of 10)?
• Cluster mapping tool is really useful, has even the feature to export map to png