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• It would be a good idea for a pilot to provide relevant test data for their region.
• “About”-section: figure 1 could be improved by having same writing size in every box and
• having straight lines for the arrows.
• Upload the cases using benchmarking in the “related documents” section, as examples and repository.
– Has to be filled with the data from the previous apps (2.1).
– Not clear and doesn’t seem to work as there is no set reference.
Feedback already provided:
3. When clicking on the app, you land on the ‘about’-page and not on the actual application. There’s a button at the top that leads you to the app, but it doesn’t really stand out. Could be made clearer.
4. The text in the tab in Google Chrome is partly in Greek.
5. Not quite clear for which type of stakeholder this app could be useful.
6. I can’t really test the app as there is no data available (yet).
7. Maybe the ‘guide’-page could add a screenshot of how to extract data from the regional assets app and then how to import it.
1. The button “use the app” should give you the direct access to the application use not to the about page. However, if this landing on the about page will be common practice for all the apps and the idea behind is to show the about section as some kind of introduction or manual for the sake of correct use of the apps (relevant mostly for the more complex – not self-explanatory apps) then we are OK with this logic.
2. It’s hard to test it when there’s no .xls file to import and benchmark – the example of the excel table or template for the clear understanding of the input would be helpful (at least to show it how does it should work)
3. Are the only supported formats of the .xls those obtained through the regional assets mapping app?
4. The guide looks very clear – although the legend could be useful (ex. Guide – which indicators are presented on the print screen) as different aspects with different indicators can be benchmarked.
5. Step 1. and 2. are clear for me as the user.
6. Step 3 – Density Plot and – from the numbers below as the „reference region“ I am not able to define which region it is related to.