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Provide more info about the ‘Scopus’ because it does not provide easy access to certain data. One idea is to provide test data extracted from Scopus about the region in question.
• Put an icon redirecting to Scopus on each page of the app
• Subdivision between Subject/Affiliation/Annual makes the app complex while any type of file can be uploaded under all of those subdivisions e.g. using the test data I could upload the “greece-subjects.cvs” set of data under “Subject area Analysis” and under “Affiliation
analysis” (see figure 4 below).
• When uploading set of data in one section of the app, the charts and documents disappear if user goes on another page of the app and user forgets to export them.
– Remaining problem with the scopus prelink.
– Probably relevant for academia
Overall Appearance & User-friendliness
– The appearance of the guide is nice; although quite long and can de-motivate stakeholders to test this app.
– I’m already lost at step 1; can’t get access to Scopus (see print screen)
– Login is required, so at the point it is not useful for stakeholders
– If I click on ‘Sources’ a different screen appears than in the guide (see print screen)
– The guide is really nice, although long