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– Unlike the other apps, in this app you immediately land on the actual application itself, which is more user-friendly
– Apps can be made more user friendly by changing the boxes for the SWOT aspects. Now it isn’t possible to adapt texts that have already been submitted, which means the users now has to rewrite the entire text. Also, the typeable boxes themselves are not very useful: it would be nicer if the user could directly type in the white fields/boxes on the screen
– More info on the SWOT analysis would be appreciated (f.e. what kind of input is expected?)
– Adding of online steps ( apps that can be used to fill in the SWOT analysis)
• Clear and nice. However a more detailed guidance on what the SWOT analysis is and how it should be filled in correctly in order to have qualitative input could be provided – such as the guiding questions.
• Some user cases and/or examples of SWOT analysis might be provided (in order to identify what strength, weakness, opportunity and threat is)
• The guidance could be included in the separate S W O T boxes (e.g. in grey to put into “strength box” the description such as “characteristics of the business/project/industry… that give it and advantage over others”. This grey guide will disappear when typing directly into the box.
• The possibility to type directly in the boxes and be able to edit it right away would be much more user friendly
• The online steps table on the right hand side (in yellow) might be considered as used by each app
• The design of the app is too simple, this could be easily improved.
• When entering this page, a new log-in is required – however, it is not mentioned so it seems as though the app is inaccessible.