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• The guide should be more simplistic, there are so many steps it’s confusing.
• The icon “Browse the outcomes of EDP Focus Group” could be renamed to make it easier to understand (e.g. “EDP reports”)
• The icon “go to your region’s focus group” could also be renamed because the page gives access to all the regions => Globally icon names could be changed but the app could also be simplified
• “create a focus group” and “go to your region’s focus group” could be combined, and a filter by region could be inserted in the “create a focus group”
Very user-friendly: both easy-to-use and easy to understand its purpose.
– Grammatically, the title “Create or Participate to an EDP Focus Group” should be adapted into “Create- or Participate in an EDP Focus Group”.
– No content yet, apart from the test- EDP Focus Group.
– Pilots have two options:
1. Make stakeholders experiment with the test- EDP Focus Group;
2. Organize EDP Focus Groups for stakeholders, i.e. organize meetings and write content, before experimentation is possible.
– Although it may seem understood, we would recommend to state the full “Entrepreneurial Discovery Process” term at least once in the about section (ideally in the first line) in order to make obvious to all the visitors of the portal what the EDP shortcut stands for.
– Ok, transparent & understandable, but I wasn’t able to access it => I registered, logged in and try to create an even with this result: