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• Provide a direct link for the official documentation of the two tools presented.
• Include these links to the guide as well.
• Find and update related documents area.
• Provide a direct link to an additional tool (MIT, Harvard, expecting the link from partners)
• The title of the page must be “Online S3 Platform – Extroversion Analysis” instead of “OnlineS3 Application Template”.
Overall Appearance & User-friendliness
– ‘About’-page: the usage of quite complex and specialist language might deter users from experimenting with the app.
– It is easy to understand and use the app.
– Might be good to better elaborate on which sources the data is derived from.
– About: This application will provide you with information on how to use already developed tools in regards to regional extroversion analysis. (DOT is missing)
– “About” page – I know that Access to Application is in yellow due to emphasize it, but I would suggest to e.g. underline page you are on (e.g. About, Guide etc) as it is confusing when looking at the header and it looks like I am on Access to Application page all the time – just a thought (applies to all apps)
– The app provides just links to two already developed tools
– The guide is easy to understand