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• Use a similar search bar as in app 2.1 (Regional Asser mapping) with predetermined/predetermined regions. For example, entering “Netherlands” without capital letter the country will not be identified.
• Display the sectors without having to click on them (and have an option to hide them).
• Comparison tool between regions.
• “LQ” not defined in the app: use the app 5.5 (Calls consultation) definition function to explain the meaning of the LQ abbreviation; in the “about” section of app 5.5 the acronyms SF and RIS3 are defined when the pointer is on them.
• Change the names of the already existing tabs to:
1st Tab: Productive Sectors in the area
2nd Tab: Sectors in which the area is specialized
3rd Tab: As is
4th Tab: under discussion
• Disambiguate the whole methodology process.
• Identify the use of either two or three digit codes.
• Explain in more detail what “correlated sectors” stands for.
• Add information on how this data have been acquired and how the new Database has been created.
• Further discussion on desired the final outcome of the application is needed.
• Edit the guide button in the Application tab
Overall Appearance & User-friendliness
– ‘About’-page: the usage of quite complex and specialist language might deter users from experimenting with the app.
– It is easy to understand and use the app.
– Might be good to better elaborate on which sources the data is derived from.
– “About” page – I know that Access to Application is in yellow due to emphasize it, but I would suggest to e.g. underline page you are on (e.g. About, Guide etc) as it is confusing when looking at the header and it looks like I am on Access to Application page all the time – just a thought (applies to all apps)
– About: Step 1. Visit the main page of the appliciation and search… => the unification is needed: either Acces to application with hyperlink or something else
– Access to application: By clicking on a circle you can see or hide its name and number of workers, if it is not a region . (DOT IS TOO FAR)
– Is it possible to create one more dimension when user could see the situation in different visualization for example pie chart? Or compare two regions?