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• When clicking on the app, you are directed to the ‘access to application’ page whereas other apps start on the ‘about’-page.
• Priorities saved not easily available on the side of the page (use the same model as for app 5.1).
• Display of figures (budget): separate each thousands by a comma.
– Clearly structured
– Sometimes ask for authorization/additional login needed, sometimes doesn’t
– Formatting needed
– Budget or benchmarking

– Is the output from this application supposed to be used also in the 6.1 app? Because one can online download it in xls and word (doesn’t seem to function) formats and not CSV.
Overall Appearance & User-friendliness
– In the guide, the print screens show three buttons/sections at the top right corner: Budget Values, Data Analysis and Charts. However, in the actual app, instead of Charts it says Benchmarking.
– Also, after performing the Data Analysis and exporting the table, I can’t go on to Benchmarking. There is no ‘continue’-button and neither can I click on the button that says Benchmarking.
– Overall it’s an extensive app that requires a lot of reading and information. Nevertheless, I believe the guide makes the app look more difficult than it actually is. This might be shortened.
– You can only choose one funding instrument per priority – even though there might be several instruments available for one priority.