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– Design is too simplistic.

– Maybe add the tab regions, so searching for all options in a specific region will be optional.

– Bookmark should appear white (empty) and not blue: blue (full) should be reserved when
user is clicking on it and wants to save the document.

– Amount of data is still seems somewhat incomplete
– The guide with the instructions is very long, this might scare off possible users
– Search bar can be made more efficient (f.e. when typing Netherlands when searching a coordinating country, it does not find anything, as it only finds a project when using ‘NL’. Using an abbreviation is not mentioned anywhere, so it might be hard to find the wanted results)
– App should be made more user-friendly, as it can be rather difficult to find certain projects/participants
– When you get a list of results, it might be useful to have a possibility to narrow the results down by some kind of sorting option, as the search result list can become quite long. Right now, only the type of projects and the project dates can be sorted, which is rather limited (more filters would be appreciated)
– Seems to be tied to the previous app, as there is a possibility to find calls with this tools as well
– According to the guide, it is possible to track the progress towards vision and objectives. How exactly? And how are the results of projects that have already ended visible?