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– Thematic objectives and investments priorities are not saved: for the first step “challenges”, after selecting the thematic objectives and after clicking “save and continue”, user is redirected on the “actions” page where thematic objectives have not been saved.

– Need to click on the “refresh” button (circular arrows) to see that an action has been deleted: could be done without having to click on the button.
– Inaccessible at the moment.
– Useful for policymakers
• with the following user data:
Username: test_user
User password: 123!user@

– Can’t expect a stakeholder to read a 24-page guide: it will scare them off.
– This app is very technical and only relevant to the organization responsible for the RIS3.
– Like with the intervention logic App, Cohesion Policy logic and RIS-logic seems to be mixed up.
Choosing thematic objectives, investment priorities not relevant for RIS
– It seems that geographical regions are limited to provinces (NUTS2) rather than a region (NUTS)
(for example: in the Netherlands you can’t choose the Northern Netherlands, but you have to choose between Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe – which all have the same RIS3).
o Important that geographical level of indicators coincide with geographical level of RIS

• guide is under finalization for the time you may only download its PDF version – doesn’t work (6.6.2017)
the app requires a lot of knowledge to be able to fill it out – only the limited number of users will be able to use it