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Thank you for all the comments, they have been really helpful in improving the site.

Here are some of the changes that we have made over the past 2 months:


  • Changed the layout of content pages. The content is now more in the centre and a bit wider.
  • Changed the font a sans serif one.
  • Changed forums styling to be more coherent with the rest of the site.


  • External resources renamed to RIS3 resources (some of the resources were not external).
  • Added a central navigation pages for applications ( It is currently named “Application testing” because the applications are under a testing process and are not finished.
  • Removed the three “balls” (policy-makers, etc.) from the front page. Fixed the join button.
  • Restructured the top menu.
  • Changed the place of the contact form and made it actually work.
  • Fixed search page formatting and visuals.
  • Added a link to the project website.
  • Added a simple terms of use (to be checked by legal experts).
  • Fixed some links and typos.
  • Removed hidden pages visible in the search.


  • More login options.
  • Improved SEO.
  • Added a plugin to send attachments on the forums.
  • Upgraded the forum reply editor.

Yet, there is still a lot of improvements that should be done:

  • Revision and proof-reading of content, especially for all phases.
  • Making the tools uniform with the platform. Currently, they look quite different because they have been developed separately and are hosted externally.
  • Changing footer to a smaller one.
  • Adding a Captcha to registration to prevent spammers.
  • Adding a possibility remove or disable your account. For now, you can contact us for that through the contact form.
  • Adding a privacy policy.
  • Moving the website to the EU and set up SSL.
  • etc.

We will keep on working on the platform and keep you updated on the changes.