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Thank you for your comments, a lot of them were really good and useful feedback. I’ll address one by one.

– No back-click function
Not sure what this refers to, you can go back with the usual browser back-click.

– Not clear what a ‘region’ is
– Not user-friendly. Too much assumed knowledge
– Unclear where you are supposed to get a region key from
The guide and about page were clarified to more clearly describe the application and terminology

– In order to add priorities, it would be clearer if instead of ’Subject’ the text read ’Name of priority area’ and the ’Comment’ text would be changed to ’Description’. This would distinguish these boxes from the comment boxes.

– Once a priority is set up, there should be a possibility to edit or delete the name and/or description

– For initial suggestions, a subject field can be useful, however, for replying to comments, a subject field is unnecessary. It would also be good to be able to collapse and open threads organized under subjects.
Collapsing threads was implemented.

– When voting, after clicking up/down a couple of times on different comments, sometimes more votes were added/taken. For example, a comment standing on 0 would go to 2 votes after pressing ’up’ once. Also, as a single user, sometimes I was able to vote more than once on the same comment.
There was indeed bugs related to these, these are now fixed.

– The ‘sort by’ feature should look more like a button, so it is clear that it can be adjusted.

– It would be nice to add some design elements to better separate the different comments from each other. At the moment it is not entirely clear which ‘reply’ and ‘delete’ button belongs to which comment.
More space was added between comments to make them stand out more