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• The first paragraph of the about page is misleading because it tends to rise expectations that can not be meet using the application and the data it provides. We thank we have the following issues: 1) the narrative implies the user will be able to process benchmarking activities for comparing performances, which is not the case, as we are talking about outlining regional profiles as a case-by-case implementation process; 2) the use of “scientific performance” is not correct because this performance cannot be capture only by using peer-reviewed publications. As a solution, we propose to cut the first paragraph and include a sentence in the second paragraph which explains why the analysis is necessary in relation to RIS3, what value it generates, why it should be conducted. Bearing in mind that the data acquired is only a part of the picture related to a regional scientific profile/performance;
• Some practical examples on how to use the profile would be very welcomed due to the complexity of the topic. this would help users clarify the extent of this application;
• It would be useful to inform the user on how to structure the spreadsheet that is required to process the analysis (ex. tutorial).