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Comments from Scottish Pilot:

Navigation/user journey

– You can’t currently navigate backwards from each application to the homepage.
– Log-in should pop up automatically at the very start of the user journey and be a single step to then access all the apps. It currently doesn’t pop up automatically, so you can start clicking around without logging in, and even when you have logged in once it then asks you to confirm your log in again for several of the apps.

Website layout: The headings/tabs at the top of the website are confusing.

o ‘How to form RIS3’ should be replaced with something more straightforward like ‘Online S3 toolbox’.
o ‘Platform’ implies that you can access the tools, but you are instead taken to a page with information about other aspects of EU RIS3 work. The relationship between those projects and the Online S3 project is not made clear.
o The information under ‘Online S3 project’ should be up front on the home page, not hidden on the second-to-last tab – this is key information which people visiting the website need to see first of all.

The website should set out:

1. What the Online S3 project is all about – its aims, partners etc – in plain English that anyone can understand.
2. How to get to and use the apps.
3. A point of contact, social media links etc for further information.
4. Finally, further background about other RIS3 initiatives and sources of information.