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Comments from Scottish Pilot: Overarching problems (with all apps) which pose a reputational risk and make it non-user-friendly:

Language and visual consistency
– All apps need to be rewritten by a competent, fluent English speaking professional copywriter so that the text is much shorter and more concise, understandable to someone who is not familiar with smart specialisation or the technical aspects of producing a smart specialisation strategy, and free from jargon, spelling, grammar mistakes and long-winded and confusing syntax.
– Each app needs to be set out in a consistent, easy-to-navigate form so that a user knows what the app does and how to use it, and can access it easily using a clear, familiar format.
– Background, academic information is not required up front – if needed, this can be housed in a less obvious place for those that are interested. What the application does and how to access and use it are the only pieces of information required.
– Some of these are not applications – they are guidance and links to external websites or information. Perhaps we should rename them using a more general terms such as ‘tools’ rather than ‘applications’.