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Comments from Intelspace on Common Login Functionalities:

– In some cases, a timeout login response occurs. Page starts to load, but never finishes.
– A “remember me” functionality could be included in the login panel, so that the users do not have to re-type the username and the password when returning to the platform or the apps. Moreover, a “change password” option enabling the users to change their credentials, could be useful.
– Sender info in the “Activation email” might be better to be common in all cases, regardless if the user has registered from the platform or the apps (for example, use ‘Online S3 Platform’ instead of ‘5.1 Intervention Logic’). Another suggestion is the email address to be changed to or something relevant, instead of ‘’.

Sign up
– A direct link to sign up panel could be more clear. Now when someone in the platform clicks the register link the “Log In” panel is displayed and he should click the “Sign Up” link.

User profile
– Email information is displayed in the ‘First Name’ field. Probably a new field for the email address could be added.
– The Username displayed in User Profile form differs from the username (user_login/display_name/user_nicename) available in separate applications.

Disable account
– Another useful feature could be the ‘disable account’ enabling the users to temporarily disable or permanently delete their accounts from the platform.

Common login
– Common login is valid in all applications except 5.3 RIS3 Budgeting.

Single sign in / Single logout
– Single Sign On (SSO), the function that allows users to sign in once to multiple applications, is active only in the following apps: 2.1 Regional Assets Mapping, 2.4 Benchmarking, 4.1 EDP Focus Groups, 5.1 Intervention logic, 5.2 Action plan co-design, 6.1 Monitoring, 6.2 Definition of output and result indicators. When the visitor is signed in in the platform, he is logged in all the above tools as well. However, an intermediate step is required, the user has to confirm his account before entering the app.
– Respectively, single Logout allows the users to logout from all the apps at once (f5 is required in active apps). Single logout is activated only on the apps mentioned above.
– In the rest of OnlineS3 apps, the log in / log out process is autonomous. When the user logs in one app, remains logged out in the rest of OnlineS3 tools. As well, if he logs in with another account, he will be simultaneously logged in with two different accounts in the platform.

Login form stylesheet
– In some applications, such as Monitoring, SWOT Analysis, RIS3 Innovation Maps, the login form has the same style with the platforms’ login form, while in other apps (assets mapping, benchmarking, intervention logic) the login form has the default auth0 login form.

The complete testing report, with examples and printscreens, is available here: