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    Comments on Vision Sharing

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    In the application http://visiongraphics.s3platform.eu/application.html
    “Extra material on RIS3” could include and title and a short description about the document that will be opened

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    A short description about the Invitation templates and Vision Templates could be included. It is proposed to show how are differentiated, so the user have a hint which one to download

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    The functionalities of 1.1 are elementary, yet the guidance on the process of vision sharing could be useful information for regions. In particular, if it includes good practice cases as inspiration. Infographics are increasingly used in communication of the vision, but generally this material is not done by authorities themselves. The main question is thus who is the target audience for using the templates? If regions wanted to develop catchy infographics, I assume they would procure external services from graphic designers, rather than tinkered with existing applications themselves. Pilots of course can assess this issue much better. Current suggestion is to move this information to guidance section of the platform. The text in about page should be checked for alignment of contents, fonts and language.

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    App is not available yet for stakeholders (needs to be filled in)
    Perhaps it would be nicer to have the template pop up in the screen when clicking on the button, instead of immediately downloading the file. Every time you open the template, the document is automatically downloaded again. It would be nicer if the template was just opened on the web page.
    Unification of the design/look the with previous apps (2.1, 2.2. 2.3) with regards to about/guide
    Use cases would be helpful
    Generic tool (also possibly 1.2/1.3) – Forums http://www.s3platform.eu/forums/
    the guidelines is helpful and inspirational for the user
    One invitation template and one vision template would be enough, as they are quite similar. The first ones look more official; they could also be combined.
    The main problem is that the pilots’ have their own material regarding their communication around RIS3 and don’t need to use these templates. Therefore, this particular tool would be better if it was an easy app stakeholders could use to create more infographic material; instead of predefined texts and formats.

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    Thank you for all the comments! We have made the following changes:

    1) Added in related documents two real examples of RIS3 communication material
    – a dedicated web site for communicating RIS3 and its progress (Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland)
    – a brochure for communicating RIS3 of (Lapland, Finland)

    These two documents serve as the bases for other regions to get ideas for their own RIS3 communication

    2) Made the text shorter in “About” page. It is important to note that our templates act as flyers for only two purposes – invite RIS3 stakeholders to participate in RIS3 events/workshops etc. and to communicate RIS3 vision of the region.

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