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    Comments by partnerts and pilots

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    Comments from Scottish Pilot:

    – The quality is too poor – reputational risk. This analysis can be done without using the Online S3 tool – and it provides only information from Twitter, which is very limited, and not related to RIS3 implementation.
    – There is also no guidance or best practice provided on more nuanced and strategically useful social media landscape analysis, which would be more valuable.

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    • There are only nine (9) available Twitter accounts. All the partners and regions should send their Twitter Accounts, in order to include them in the updated list. Until now, only “ECCI” and “SNN” have sent theirs.

    – In the comparative function, the color representing the regions changes per chart. For example, when comparing SNN and ECCI, in ‘activity per day’ SNN is red and ECCI blue, whereas in ‘likes history’ this is the other way around. It would be better to stick with the same color in every chart, in order to avoid confusion.

    – Overall, easy to use.

    – Information at what time are people on social networks most active
    – Only twitter at this time?
    – Any other regions can be followed? How to include them into the app?

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