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    Comments by partners and pilots

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    Comments from Scottish Pilot:

    – It works but the questionnaire is poorly worded – starts form a position of assumed knowledge and references ‘RIS3’ even though most people won’t know what this means – and apart from this it just points you to pre-existing tools which people already know about.
    – Quality too poor – reputational risk.

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      Thank you for the feedback. I have modified the survey, which I feel is now appropriate for this purpose. Based on my experience from Finnish regions is that they prefer to avoid RIS3 abbreviation fully and rather to use the local expressions in communication related to smart specialization. I have now changed RIS3 to smart specialization in the end-user survey. The new version will be published in the platform during 1-2 days. It would be very good to get your suggestions for improvement for it. What is causing the poor quality? What more to do to improve?

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    I am unable to access the link to the survey form http://www.s3platform.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/end_user_survey_2017_05_22.docx so I can see whether the revised survey template is improved as Mona suggests in her previous post. We link to four survey platforms but not to the European Commission’s platform – which might be most appropriate (neutral, free, etc.) https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/home/welcome

    Overall, this ‘app’ offers guidance, in which case both the guidance document http://www.s3platform.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Guideline_Tool_end-user_2017-05-11.pdf and the survey form need to be qualitatively improved and probably offer modular questions that a user can select from to construct a survey adapted to their needs.

    For the survey, we do need to also think of language issues, there is zero chance of say Spanish or Greek or Slovak regions getting a high response rate to a survey in English – so even if we had a perfect online tool that users could use to run surveys it would need to be multi-lingual.

    Overall, I would recommend to integrate this survey tool (after improving content) into a guidance section of the platform.

    Alasdair Reid

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    Thank you for your feedback. The modified survey questions will be put online tomorrow (8th October). I would very much like to get your input to develop it further.

    I agree with modularity. The idea from beginning has been that users will modify the form to suit their local needs, however they don’t need to start from empty table, as we have offer suggested questions.

    The idea is to translate the form to the major European languages once the form is good enough in the eyes of pilots.

    We considered EU survey as one possible survey form and discussed this with Katharina, who has experience of using it. As we learnt, it is not very flexible and does not have that advanced features, so we did not want to offer it as an option. It can of course be added, if others think that it is a recommended choice for regions.

    BR, Mona

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    – Self-explanatory.
    – Survey on the satisfaction with the RIS in general
    – Relevant for all stakeholders

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    We have made the following improvement for this survey based on the request from one of the pilots.

    1) We have developed an example survey with SurveyMonkey. In this way, pilots and their stakeholders can try the example survey and evaluate how they feel about answering it. The example survey is not customized to any region – thus the priority areas are not specified and the language is in English. Finally, for real use, this questionnaire needs always to be customized to have the correct regional RIS3 information as well as with local language.

    It would be possible to share a few real end-user surveys with you. However, they are in Finnish and would needed to be translated to English. If anyone sees this as something they would like to have in the related documents section, it is possible that we translate them (or ask a professional firm to do that). Please, let me know.

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