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    On Debate at a Glance

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    They are both useful to bring to the users’ attention, the descriptions are helpful. Should be displayed as online guidance.

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    Had to login on an external webpage and make a new account, for both Discuto and Debategraph. I find Debategraph is not looking very attractive and seems to be hard to use. Though, both links are easy to access. In order to test this app, the pilots should offer a common id and a password for discuto and debategraph. In this way people can access these external websites quicker. If they want to use the tool later they can make their own account afterwards. Having to login again and even make complete new account may be a hurdle
    Under ‘access to application’ the title ‘links’ should be changed into another title, such as “Online Tools for Debate at a Glance”.
    The logo of both softwares could be added on the application page, just before the links. It makes the page look a bit more attractive.
    Explanation on the platform is clear and well structured.

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    Thank you for these commments and suggestions for improvement. Our pilots have been reluctant to try any external applications. However, as you suggest, we could offer them a common ID to make it easier to test. I will ask them about this possibility and whether it would make them willing to try these tools.

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