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    On RIS3 Legal and Administrative Framework related to ESIF

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    The “About” page should include also the main domains of the administrative framework that are recovered by this application

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    Comments from Scottish Pilot:

    App is useable, however, description needs to be revised to say what it is, ie: a database of legislation and requirements for ESIF-funded projects

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    Clarify the Guide-page – it’s very unclear now and there are different formats and technical links on the page.
    • Maybe lower the box as soon as you click on it anywhere, or change the color of the box that can be clicked to open the additional text.
    • The table with financial data is does not show any information.
    – It might be confusing for the users to need to switch back to the ‘Scientific Production Profile’-app to retrieve information needed to continue with this app.
    – Overall, quite clearly structured.
    – The csv-file to be uploaded in Section B, stems from the ‘Scientific Production Profile’-app. This csv-file and the information it contains must be retrieved from Scopus. However, just as in the Scientific Production Profile app, Scopus doesn’t work, as you need log-in details to continue.
    – In Section C, the user needs to fill in all the export data of the region. Where do you find this data?
    – In Section C, some info boxes can’t be clicked on (for example, all boxes following European RCA). These will be filled by others beforehand?
    – When I open application, text: “Access to application” is in yellow but I see part “About”
    – About page – Download Guide and Access to application are missing:
    – Guide – quite clear, very nice options in part “visualize”
    – The formatting – Guide – different types of fonts are used, which doesn’t look really nice
    – data can be filtered and sorted using these buttons + options to type – e.g. SK (ms), or Slovakia (MS_name) on top of scrolling down
    – Access to application – Download (in various format) – there is no option to download .doc or .pdf (I couldn’t find it)

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