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    On Delphi – Foresight

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    Comments from Scottish Pilot:

    – Too specific for audience that we are targeting
    – Should it be integrated with 3.2? Seems to be the same kind of tool
    – Too many log-ins
    – Broken link on main page

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      It is possible to integrate this with 3.2. It could be used as an alternative to scenario workshop. Some partners have though wanted to have this as a separate tool. The reason for this is to enable the possibility to utilize Delphi survey for other purposes than scenario building e.g. assessing future development and application of new technologies.

      We cannot help that you need to log-in twice as this an external application.

      Do you have problem to register to eDelphi? If that link is not opening, the reason is most likely at your side, not eDelphi. We had similar problem at Aalto University, which we solved through contacting our IT helpdesk, who changed some firewall settings at our University. After that, the link worked fine. I can act as an intermediate between you and your helpdesk in case you need support for this.

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    Believe the full functionality and suitability of eDelphi external app can only be tested in action by pilots. The description is clear and comprehensive. Thanks for that. Support the fact that this is a separate application to 3.2. Some regions will not choose the full scenario building exercise and may run just separate eDelphi surveys. The tool can also be used in priority setting phase.

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    • Extra log-in required for this external tool – maybe provide a common one.
    – When you click on the button to go to the app, edelphi.org is standard in Finnish instead of English. Even when you click on ‘English’ the main body of the text stays Finnish.
    – Good explanatory guide on the platform.
    – If stakeholders provide feedback through the questionnaire, is this feedback on the S3-platform or feedback on the Delphi-website?
    – Before starting to form a Delphi survey, it is necessary to conduct desktop research in order to understand what are the existing trends and uncertainties related to the political, economic, social and technological development in the region (e.g. using the PEST analysis template of 3.2. Scenario building application or collectively using 1.3. Debate at a glance application) => previous action needed

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    Thank you for these comments. In fact, the feedback would go directly to the eDelphi, not ONLINE-S3. We are planning to add a short questionnaire attached with all the applications for pilots and their stakeholders to provide us direct feedback.

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    so nice

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