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    Comments on extroversion analysis (external app)

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    This functions as a link to 2 external JRC-tools (The EU Trade Tool, and The Trade Competitiveness Map).

    The EU Trade Tool works just like described in the Guideline for the ONLINE S3 toolbox Tool/application Extroversion Analysis. However, there are no results for Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

    The Trade Competitiveness Map: there are several things that need to be corrected in the Guideline for the ONLINE S3 toolbox Tool/application Extroversion Analysis.
    – On p. 8 it reads “It includes a country’s Trade Performance Index, National Export Performance and National Import Profile, Foreign Investment Statistics, Trade Statistics and the Reliability of Trade Statistics“. However, the tool does not include foreign investment statistics. Furthermore, it seems redundant to mention “Trade Statistics“ separately, as trade statistics are already included in “National Import Profile“ and “National Export Performance“. Re “Reliability of Trade Statistics“, this does not exist in the tool. What was meant was probably “Consistency of Trade Statistics“
    – On p. 9 it reads: “The year of reference (covering the period between 2011-2015)“. However, the period in question should be specified as 2012-2016, as it currently exists at the website.

    Otherwise, the tools are very useful.

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    • Provide a direct link for the official documentation of the two tools presented.
    • Include these links to the guide as well.
    • Find and update related documents area.
    • Provide a direct link to an additional tool (MIT, Harvard, expecting the link from partners)
    • The title of the page must be “Online S3 Platform – Extroversion Analysis” instead of “OnlineS3 Application Template”.
    Overall Appearance & User-friendliness
    – ‘About’-page: the usage of quite complex and specialist language might deter users from experimenting with the app.
    – It is easy to understand and use the app.
    – Might be good to better elaborate on which sources the data is derived from.
    – About: This application will provide you with information on how to use already developed tools in regards to regional extroversion analysis. (DOT is missing)
    – “About” page – I know that Access to Application is in yellow due to emphasize it, but I would suggest to e.g. underline page you are on (e.g. About, Guide etc) as it is confusing when looking at the header and it looks like I am on Access to Application page all the time – just a thought (applies to all apps)
    – The app provides just links to two already developed tools
    – The guide is easy to understand

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