5.1. RIS3 intervention logic (INTELSPACE)

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    Comments for improving RIS3 intervention logic:

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    • Possibility to share the priority with other users of the S3 platform.
    • Maybe add examples.
    – Clearly structured page
    – Lay out , for example the font needs improvement
    – Extra login is necessary
    – A lot of clicking before actually ending up at the application
    – A lot of data is needed before the questions can be filled out
    – “Guide” page – unification needed (see the end of doc), otherwise is very clearly structured – ie.:
    o (http://interventionlogic.s3platform.eu/# – title: How to use this application step by step? Steps: scrolling down;
    o http://actionplan.s3platform.eu/users-guide/ – User’s Guide; steps: different formatting;
    o http://scenarios.s3platform.eu/guide – Guide; steps: by clicking each of them will roll out
    – A lot of data is needed before the questions can be filled out
    – I think that this application has been prepared in a detailed way, step by step following the description. It is user friendly, there is also step-by step guide. The only issue is the strange way to log in there. Using the recommendation from Panagiotis. Regardless, this application is ready for use.

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