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    Comment Scottish Pilot:

    App is useable, but it’s very hard to find the actual smart specialisation plans once you click through from a region – or the plan is not there, just brief text – the value of which is not clear.

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    Thank you for your comments. Once you are in the page of a specific action, you can see the whole Action Plan by clicking on the name of the Action Plan in the upper side of the application (see yellow highlight in the screenshot attached). However, the total number of Action PLans and Actions published in the application is relatively small, as they were uploaded by the developers’ team as examples. Our ambition is that the more this application is being used, more Action Plans will be published.

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    This app is quite complex: there is a different interface and functionalities for different stakeholders (regional authorities and citizens). It works ok from what I can see, although it did take me quite some time (1-2 hours) to read the guide thoroughly and get a hang of how the tool functions.
    When clicking on ‘Co-design your region’s action plan’ as a citizen, I see a list of the available regions, and clicking on an open consultation takes me to the action plan page. Here it is not straight-forward that users should click on the individual action points in order to rate them and leave comments. It would be good to display a box with guidance text, e.g. ‘Click on an action point to tell your opinion’.

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    • Not easy to understand for civil society
    • Most lists of actions are not specific enough and only include the action number without description
    • Budget column (for authorities > find a relevant action): figures not easy to read, thousands could be separated by commas.
    – App looks nice and is well structured
    – When clicking on the header “Setup a RIS3 Action Plan Co-design Process”, logging in is required but this does not work.
    – About page – doesn’t not follow the common format – font & steps:
    – Same with Guide – common format
    – Login required

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