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    The original idea was to design online consultation framework to allow stakeholder input during the ‘Calls for Projects’ process. The consultation would enable stakeholders to propose specific selection criteria and feedback during the overall process and hence facilitate the RIS3 Action Plan implementation. The current app lists calls at European level. Unclear how this is related to the orginial idea. The issue of consulting stakeholders on the selection criteria has been questioned beforehand. A common Consortium decision on the idea behind this app is necessary.

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    – Again, a login is required to use this app
    – Calls are not yet included in the app, which makes the app still rather abstract
    – Related documents and further information still needs to be included
    • Clicking on the app will get you directly to the app itself, not about page as in the others
    • The app will be useful when/if the regional authorities responsible for publishing calls for proposals will be using it = the input has to be provided first to be able to use it as the “platform” for open consultation process
    • firstly, publishing the call there (in parallel with publishing it on the usually used regional authorities’ websites used for this purposes); secondly, use this app as an alternative/complement to some other (e.g. round tables) for an open consultation process
    • the success of this app relies on the quality of input data
    • each consultation should have some general info as dates the consultation is open for, target group, 2-3 sentenced-summary what is it about etc.)
    • The option of newsletter subscription is mostly for the public authorities in order to retrieve periodic reports concerning users? They should have access to the editorial system anyway, but it might be considered to send it to anybody who subscribe it with the possibility for subscriber to choose the consultations they would like to receive comments on. Plus, how often it will be sent?
    • Useful for policy makers/regional authorities getting feedback on proposed calls from the regional stakeholders
    • The ‘about-page’ and ‘guide’ could be clarified further. It seems like a difficult app.

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