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    Comments Scottish Pilot:

    – Need data – which is only available from a couple of very specific sources which testers will not be familiar with or have access to.
    – Providing test data would enable people to engage with the tool.

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    The application was supposed to draw upon data gathered in 5.7, even if initialy available only for a few countries. Agree to the Scottish pilot comment that it is not possible to test any functionality without a pre-existing dataset. Have developers used some existing data for internal testing? Overall, the concept behind innovation maps present an interesting idea how to use and interpret data to track the implementation of RIS3. It is clear though that without a connection to a data repository (even if available for very few countries/regions) this application will not be used. Users need to see what the application is able to generate before they launch their own data gathering efforts. Consortium decision necessary on this app.

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    • Explanatory box when app opened for the first time are not in the same layout as other explanatory boxes in other apps (the orange explanatory boxes were better).

    • Difficult to use without set of data uploaded: the guide section explains it is possible to insert data manually but how to insert a line for instance?

    • Not possible to share with other users from the platform.
    – Change url
    – Import of data needed – so wasn’t able to test it much (just with some accidental .xls sheet)
    – When I open application, text: “Access to application” is in yellow but I see part “About”

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