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    Komninos@urenio.org Komninos, Nicos

    Add comments, if any

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    Comment from Scottish Pilot:

    Error message: “Application is under maintenance. We apologise for this inconvenience.
    For technical reasons you are not able to use the application right now.”

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    Iapassas@urenio.org Passas

    Have you tried to login via the following URL?
    By either clicking on “Access to application” or the “Sign In” button?

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    Anne Bloembergen

    There is a different access application button on this application, that might be confusing.

    The app has a lot of tools, which is hard to understand even with the guide

    Could be connected to other apps; e.g. for the budget dashboard: insert a link to app 5.3
    The data to access the application are:
    User name: test_user
    Password: 123!user@
    Isidoros A. Passas

    – It seems quite user-friendly. It’s easy to see the logic and structure of the app, as you go step-by-step through the different types of monitoring.
    – I can’t get past the ‘Output indicators’ to ‘Budget Dashboard’… If I click on Save & Continue is just keeps on loading but nothing happens. If I click on the buttons on top of the page, it does work.

    – The app provides a summary/overview of all the other apps within the monitoring phase. You need to fill those apps with content first, before you can use this app.
    – The regions to choose from are inefficient for us; our RIS3 works per region (‘Northern Netherlands’, NL1, NUTS 1-level) and not per province (Groningen/Friesland/Drenthe, NL11/NL12/NL13, NUTS 2-level). This is reflected in other apps/tools in the platform as well.

    In the about section there are a few text errors:
    1. Title “Benefits to key actors and stakeholders (was stake holders)”
    2. “One of the main benefits”
    3. The expiration message: “For security reasons your session has been expired” or rather “Your session has expired for security reasons.”
    4. In the table Stakeholders satisfaction dashboard:
    Import data directly from the surveys of the beneficiaries and ‘end-users’ of public policies implemented through Online S3 Platform app?.
    There seems to be a bug mentioned by SNN above – where we can’t pass from ‘Output indicators’ to ‘Budget Dashboard’, by clicking save and continue.

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