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    Comment from Scottish Pilot:

    Wouldn’t let me log in – error message: “Authenticating you as a user to the application 6.2 Definition of output & result indicators”

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    Just to be sure you are trying to access the application via the following
    either by clicking the “Access to application” link or the “Sign in” button

    Have you tried to logout and login again as it says?

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    – Thematic objectives and investments priorities are not saved: for the first step “challenges”, after selecting the thematic objectives and after clicking “save and continue”, user is redirected on the “actions” page where thematic objectives have not been saved.

    – Need to click on the “refresh” button (circular arrows) to see that an action has been deleted: could be done without having to click on the button.
    – Inaccessible at the moment.
    – Useful for policymakers
    • with the following user data:
    Username: test_user
    User password: 123!user@

    – Can’t expect a stakeholder to read a 24-page guide: it will scare them off.
    – This app is very technical and only relevant to the organization responsible for the RIS3.
    – Like with the intervention logic App, Cohesion Policy logic and RIS-logic seems to be mixed up.
    Choosing thematic objectives, investment priorities not relevant for RIS
    – It seems that geographical regions are limited to provinces (NUTS2) rather than a region (NUTS)
    (for example: in the Netherlands you can’t choose the Northern Netherlands, but you have to choose between Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe – which all have the same RIS3).
    o Important that geographical level of indicators coincide with geographical level of RIS

    • guide is under finalization for the time you may only download its PDF version – doesn’t work (6.6.2017)
    the app requires a lot of knowledge to be able to fill it out – only the limited number of users will be able to use it

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    Application 6.2 Analytics of output & result indicators Updates on V2

    <b>Non section related improvements /fixes</b>

    • The process map has been revised
    • PDF per section has been improved
    • PDF complete report has been improved
    • MSWORD complete report has been improved

    <b>Data Analysis</b>

    • Correlation analysis: The error handling procedures have been improved. Specific errors appear to help the user choose different combinations
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    The guide of the Application 6.2 Analytics of output & result indicators has been updated.
    You may check the improved version here 

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    In the latest version of the Application 6.2 the following major modification has been implemented.
    In the first step “Challenges Definition” the user should define if wants to share each Strategy Analytics with the App 6.2 ONLINE S3 Community. The “App 6.2 ONLINE S3 Community” includes all Strategy Analytics from other regions that are shared and available to be taken into consideration while performing Correlation and Regression Analysis.

    The sharing of each report is anonymously. If the report is not shared with the “App 6.2 ONLINE S3 Community” the Correlation and Regression Analysis cannot be performed.

    Further improvements on the user interface of the application have been also implemented.

    The Guide has been updated to Version 3.1

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    A new feature has been added in the application.

    The charts can be appended to the text area “Description of data analysis results” directly. By clicking “Append” the chart is uploaded to the server in a directory where each user can store it own charts.

    The Guide has been updated to Version 3.2

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    thank you for informations

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