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    Comments from Scottish Pilot:

    – Doesn’t let you export to PDF – error message.
    – You have to install JSON on your computer to use that option.

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    – The apps looks very basic.

    – Typo: in the “about” section “management METHOD” not correctly spelled.

    – Saved score could appear on the side/top like in app 5.1.
    – Again a lot of data is required

    – Change url
    – About, Guide, Related Docs, Access to App – need some formatting – doesn’t follow the common format – i.e. about Download Guide and Access to application are missing:
    – When I open application, text: “Access to application” is in yellow but I see part “About”
    – Could be exported to excel form?
    – User friendly
    – Application is easy to open and understand, in the “Related documents” there are useful examples of the balanced scorecard in use and short video detailing how the balanced scorecard is use, User friendly.

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    When exporting the data to CSV, JSON formats the text entered in the fields Performance Index; Method of Measure; Plan of Action is truncated to the first 13 characters

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    After saving and uploading a test BS case I clicked the “Share” button and the following error message appears, which must be corrected

    “Share ID
    This Share ID uniquely identifies your Balanced Scorecard. Provide the following Share ID to the user you would like to have access to your Balanced Scorecard

    This SWOT analysis is not saved yet. Please save it or load an existing SWOT analysis to get a Share ID.”

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    Error message while trying to save an uploaded saved Balance Scorecard.

    To reproduce the issue  the steps are the following:

    1) I’ve logged in to the application and access it
    2) I’ve created a new Balanced Scorecard with the name “BS Test”
    3) Added data to the four sections
    4) Saved and exported them to JSON format
    5) Then I signed out from the application

    6) Following I’ve logged in again, but I couldn’t find my saved “BS Test” anywhere as a user might expect
    7) I have uploaded the exported previously JSON file made some additions and tried to save the “BS Test” Scorecard again when the following error appeared

    A scorecard with that name already exists

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